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What's Next?

When you first consider the possibility of becoming a "skirts only" woman, no doubt Satan will flood you with overwhelming feelings of absolute impossibility. The perceived effort, expense, inconvenience, embarrassment, and rejection will rise up before you as an insurmountable mountain and many will succumb to the temptation to remain in the land of comfortable conformity tot he world. But God has promised to give us faith that will move mountains of impossibility. If we put our will on His side, He will start dismantling all the roadblocks and difficulties in a miraculous way. It's happened to us and many others. Put God to the test. Is He able to conquer crossdressing in your life? He is fully able, dear Sister. Praise God!

It is not safe for us to consult our feelings for one moment when considering a moral decision. Feelings are Satan's playground, and he uses them to convince us that we really don't want to follow God's will after all. In order to please God, all our decisions must be based on the revelation of His will for our lives, not on our feelings.

It may be wise to closely consider your personal objections to the idea of wearing skirts only. Which objections register strongly in your mind?

  • I don't like wearing skirts.

Our likes and dislikes should never be the basis for our moral decisions. God's transforming power is able to change our tastes as well as our desires. If our will is in opposition to God's will, we are invited to ask God to make us willing to be made willing, and He will certainly do it!

  • I don't want to be considered different from society. I am concerned about what others would think about me.

Naturally, we all want to "fit in" and be accepted by our peers. However, if that desire overrides our desire to please God, we may find that we are putting ourselves and others before God. Jesus told us that His followers would not be approved and accepted by worldly society. We cannot have it both ways, to have the approbation of the world and of God at the same time. Which desire is stronger?

  • I don't like to have my legs bare or cold, and I wouldn't know what to wear on my legs.

The more you understand of God's plan for our clothing as you study His inspired counsels, the more you will come to appreciate the way He has considered our needs. To go around with bare, cold legs is not in His plan for women. There are many ways to keep modest, warm and comfortable when we follow His plan. Please keep studying this topic, and you will be delighted at how comfortable God wants you to be!

  • I can't afford new clothes now.

Perhaps you cannot afford a completely new wardrobe, but if you step out in faith, God will honor your obedience. For many sisters, He has provided skirts in miraculous ways. Ask yourself these questions: Would I be willing to wear skirts if I found several comfortable, affordable skirts that were stylishly attractive? Am I willing to make my next clothing purchase a modest skirt, dress or jumper? Am I willing to let go of my pride so that I would wear a skirt purchased at a thrift store?

  • It's not convenient to wear only skirts.

As Christians, we need to be very careful in choosing convenience over obedience. If Satan can snare us with the idea that we will only do that which is convenient and pleasing to our ideas, sooner or later we will choose to another master over Christ. We may have the erroneous idea that wearing skirts are impractical and inconvenient. However, many women who have worn only skirts for many years will tell you that they do not find it inconvenient or impractical in the least. It may take some getting used to, but the longer you wear skirts, the more you enjoy them! If you have not worn only skirts for a considerable length of time, perhaps it would be a good idea to try it before you decide how inconvenient it is!

It is never convenient to take up the cross, and follow in the path of self-denial; and yet this must be done. {PH100 32.1}

What is our path to heaven? Is it a road with every inviting convenience? No, it is a path that is narrow and apparently inconvenient; it is a path of conflict, of trial, of tribulation and suffering. {2SM 243.4

If we are His, we shall do with a cheerful heart just what He tells us to do, however inconvenient, however contrary it may be to our own feelings. . . . {CS 164.3}

Once you've dealt with all your objections, and searched your heart and your deep-down motives, and surrendered them all to God, you are ready to begin an adventure that will bring great blessings!