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Warning: The Camp of Israel Has Been Invaded!

Type Meets Antitype

Moab's king, Balak, was terrified! The Children of Israel had spread out across the valley of Shittim, and he well knew how they had decimated the Ammonites. The Moabites and Midianites were convinced that they were doomed UNLESS they could figure out some way to outsmart and weaken the Children of Israel.

King Balak knew he needed supernatural help, whether from God or from the devil, it didn't matter much to him. He knew that the God of Israel had blessed the Israelites. So he wanted to find someone who was able to put a powerful curse on them. Seeking help from an unfaithful prophet failed to bring the desired results, however, as Balaam only succeeded in blessing Israel. But Balaam had a covetous heart, and he desired the honor and riches that King Balak offered.

After Balaam had returned to his place, and the controlling influence of God's Spirit had left him, his covetousness, which had not been overcome, but merely held in check, prevailed. {1SP 326.2}

Balaam turned from seeking help from God, to seeking help from the devil. And Satan inspired Balaam with an amazing ploy. The devil knew that NOTHING else would work to defeat Israel except for this wicked plan he conceived.

The Israelites, who could not be overcome by the arms or by the enchantments of Midian, fell a prey to her harlots. Such is the power that woman, enlisted in the service of Satan, has exerted to entrap and destroy souls. {PP 457.2}

On the borders of Canaan, just as Israel was preparing to enter the promised land, Satan had a deadly snare set for them. Balaam took up the devil's agenda, and counseled King Balak, “Enlist the most beautiful young women, deck them to the hilt, with seductive attire, and sneak them little by little into Israel's camp.”

Falvius Josephus records this narrative of Balaam speaking with Balak in Antiquities of the Jews, Chapter VI, page 112:

So that if you have a mind to gain a victory over them for a short space of time you will obtain it by following my directions: - do you therefore set out the handsomest of such of your daughters as are most eminent for beauty, and proper to force and conquer the modesty of those that behold them, and these decked and trimmed to the highest degree you are able. Then do you send them to be near the Israelites' camp, and give them in charge that when the young men of the Hebrews desire their company, they allow it them; and when they see that they are enamored of them, let them take their leaves; and if they entreat them to stay, let them not give their consent till they have persuaded them to leave off their obedience to their own laws and the worship of that God who established them and to worship the gods of the Midianites and Moabites; for by this means, God will be angry at them." Accordingly, when Balaam had suggested this counsel to them, he went his way. So when the Midianites had sent their daughters as Balaam had exhorted them, the Hebrew young men were allured by their beauty…

At first, these beautiful young women mingling amidst the camp were hardly noticed. Their friendship seemed like a harmless neighborly gesture.

At first there was little intercourse between the Israelites and their heathen neighbors, but after a time Midianitish women began to steal into the camp . Their appearance excited no alarm, and so quietly were their plans conducted that the attention of Moses was not called to the matter. It was the object of these women, in their association with the Hebrews, to seduce them into transgression of the law of God, to draw their attention to heathen rites and customs, and lead them into idolatry. These motives were studiously concealed under the garb of friendship, so that they were not suspected, even by the guardians of the people. {PP 454.2}

As the young men became acquainted with these women, they became enamored with them. Their sensual, immodest beauty was infatuating. Even many of the leaders were pulled into the snare, being prepared for the next step of degradation.

[Balaam] counseled Balak to proclaim an idolatrous feast in honor of their idol gods, and he would persuade the Israelites to attend, that they might be delighted with the music; and then the most beautiful Midianitish women should entice the Israelites to transgress the law of God, and corrupt themselves, and also influence them to offer sacrifice to idols. This satanic counsel succeeded too well. Many of the Israelites were persuaded by Balaam, because they regarded him as a prophet of God, to join him, and mix with that idolatrous people, and engage with him in idolatry and fornication. {1SP 326.2}

The purpose of the idolatrous feast was to introduce the children of Israel to the worship of Baal. It was the seductive, immoral women who lured them to the festive party. By allowing themselves to develop friendships with these immodest women, these weak men were setting the stage for the whole nation to come under the wrath of God.

Those who would have conquered their enemies in battle were overcome by the wiles of heathen women . The people seemed to be infatuated. {PP 454.4}

The idolatrous practices at Baalpeor are too vile to describe. They included such abominations as sodomy and prostitution, crossdressing and communion with the dead as they worshipped their androgynous god. The demons succeeded in degrading some of the children of Israel to the lowest depths of depravity.

In specifically referring to the worship of Baalpeor, we find this historical statement: “In ceremonies [male] priests assumed both parts by wearing women's clothing.” Diction­ary Of Mythology, Folklore & Symbols. Vol. I. p. 94. “He wore women's garments and women wore men's garments and brandished weapons.” Ibid. p. 167

The holiness of His character and His abhorrence of impurity had been evinced in the judgments visited upon Israel for their participation in the abominable rites of Baalpeor. {PP 492.2}

Is it possible that we have become so accustomed to some of these abominable practices, that we don't see how contemptible they are to God? Has the world's moral atmosphere improved or deteriorated since that time?

In the judgments that followed Israel's sin, we may see with what abhorrence God looks upon worldliness, idolatry, and licentiousness. The same dangers exist today that threatened the prosperity, and even the existence, of his ancient people. Temptations to licentiousness have been steadily increasing from that time to the present, and similar scenes are constantly enacted, with similar efforts at concealment. A bewitching power is brought to bear on every soul not fortified by firm principle. {ST, December 30, 1880 par. 13}

Unless it is stopped, this deadly moral infection speads rapidly.

It was not long before the poison had spread, like a deadly infection, through the camp of Israel. {PP 454.4}

It is important to notice that not all of Israel partook of the idolatrous abominations, not even the majority. But the influence was so pervasive, so toxic, it was declared that “Israel joined himself unto Baalpeor: and the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel.” Numbers 25:3

The licentious practice of the Hebrews accomplished for them that which all the warfare of nations and the enchantments of Balaam could not do. They became separated from their God. Their covering and protection were removed from them. God turned to be their enemy. So many of the princes and people were guilty of licentiousness, that it became a national sin; for God was wroth with the whole congregation. {RH, May 17, 1887 par. 9}

Where did it all begin? With the seductive women who sneaked into the camp. There is incredible power in seductive, immodest women! We must pay attention to the divine warning written especially for us! “Now these things were our examples, to the intent we should not lust after evil things, as they also lusted.” 1 Cor. 10:6

It was the traitors within the walls that overthrew the strongholds of principle and betrayed Israel into the power of Satan. {PP 459.1}

Twenty-four thousand of the children of Israel died as a result of this apostasy, by the direct manifestation of God's displeasure. And many more would have died had it not been for the courageous action on the part of one godly man, Phinehas, who was willing to lift the standard of truth. His zeal for God influenced other men of valor to take up the charge.

We are living in an age of moral debasement; the world is as a second Sodom. Those who look for the coming of the Son of Man, those who know that they are right upon the borders of the eternal world, should set an example in harmony with their faith. Those who do not maintain purity and holiness are not accepted of God. The true children of God have deep-rooted principles which will not be moved by temptations, because Christ is abiding in their hearts by faith. {SpTB16 15.1}

It is not a popular duty to guard and defend the purity of God's church, but we can be assured that God will honor those who uphold the moral standard.

Those who will put forth zealous and decided efforts to check the wickedness that lifts its bold, presumptuous head in our midst, are hated and maligned by all wrong-doers, but they will honored and recompensed of God. {ST, December 30, 1880 par. 22}

We are standing at this time on the borders of the heavenly Canaan. Does Satan have such a snare set for us, the Israel of God in these last days? Absolutely. We have the prophetic word that he has devised a trap that will be even more ensnaring as the one at Baalpeor.

As we approach the close of time, as the people of God stand upon the borders of the heavenly Canaan, Satan will, as of old, redouble his efforts to prevent them from entering the goodly land. {PP 457.3}

The devices of Satan are no less now than in ancient times. Indeed, as we near the period of Christ's second coming, Satan redoubles his efforts to work with all deceivableness of unrighteousness. The youth especially are in constant and fearful danger of being overcome by his temptations. {ST, December 30, 1880 par. 12}

Do we have clear counsel regarding this powerful trap that Satan has been setting for us? Will it also involve the sensual appearance of women who are endeavoring to allure men?

Near the close of this earth's history Satan will work with all his powers in the same manner and with the same temptations wherewith he tempted ancient Israel just before their entering the land of promise. He will lay snares for those who claim to keep the commandments of God, and who are almost on the borders of the heavenly Canaan. He will use his powers to their utmost in order to entrap souls, and to take God's professed people upon their weakest points. Those who have not brought the lower passions into subjection to the higher powers of their being, those who have allowed their minds to flow in a channel of carnal indulgence of the baser passions, Satan is determined to destroy with his temptations,--to pollute their souls with licentiousness. He is not aiming especially at the lower and less important marks, but he makes use of his snares through those whom he can enlist as his agents to allure or attract men to take liberties which are condemned in the law of God. {RH, May 17, 1887 par. 8}

Satan has been enlisting beautiful young women to mix throughout the camp of Israel—God's SDA Church—in immodest, seductive attire. Little by little, here and there, not enough to worry about at first. We graciously smile and accept them into our fellowship with little concern. Do we realize that this influence has a compromising, numbing effect, preparing us for the great fall which will soon be upon us?

Satan seduced Israel into licentiousness before leading them to idolatry. {PP 458.1}

Mingling among us, as part of us, these seductresses are enamoring our young men, seducing our sons, and even marrying our leaders. These ladies have multiplied until the hypnotic influence has infatuated us, entranced us, blinded us, so that we do not even notice them. Immodesty has become the norm, the standard, and very, very few even know what true modesty is.

Modesty is rare; it seems to have departed from this enlightened age. Sodom and Gomorrah will rise up in the judgment and condemn this generation, for if they had been privileged with the light which now shines upon the inhabitants of the earth, they would have repented long ago. {RH, November 26, 1861 par. 4}

The object of the Midianitish women was first to break down their moral barriers, to mentally seduce Israel. By familiarity with immodesty, by allowing thoughts of impurity, these men lost their hold on God, and His spiritual protection left them. In the beginning stages of this seduction, there was no outcry, no alarm.

Sensual indulgence weakens the mind and debases the soul. The moral and intellectual powers are benumbed and paralyzed by the gratification of the animal propensities; and it is impossible for the slave of passion to realize the sacred obligation of the law of God, to appreciate the atonement, or to place a right value upon the soul. {PP 458.1}

Satan manipulates the fashions in such a way that those who follow them become spiritually disoriented. Skirt hems rise, bare midriffs peek out just above the low rise jeans, and slit skirts flash bare thighs. The peek-a-boo cutouts, low necklines, bare backs, shoulders, and tight clothes all have their part in this seductive allurement. Pridefully painted faces, unnatural hair color, and high heels designed to accentuate a sensual pose are everywhere.

The Lord is displeased with the pride manifested among His professed people. He is dishonored by their conformity to the unhealthful, immodest, and expensive fashions of this degenerate age. {4T 634.1}

Fashion has been the goddess who has ruled the outside world, and she often insinuates herself into the church. {5T 499.1}

Vanity flourishes. Impure thoughts are frequent. The recent trend of androgyny brings bizarre distortion to gender roles and conditions the mind to accept immoral perversion. The styles become more daring as the years roll on.

Fashion is deteriorating the intellect and eating out the spirituality of our people . Obedience to fashion is pervading our Seventh-day Adventist churches and is doing more than any other power to separate our people from God . I have been shown that our church rules are very deficient. All exhibitions of pride in dress, which is forbidden in the word of God, should be sufficient reason for church discipline. {4T 647.2}

Satan's object has not changed. He wants to numb our sensibilities to sin. He wants to cause us to relax our hold on God, and tolerate compromise. As we yield one step at a time to his designs, the next step becomes that much easier, until we don't even realize the direction we are traveling.

Licentiousness is the special sin of this age. Never did vice lift its deformed head with such boldness as now. The people seem to be benumbed, and the lovers of virtue and true goodness are nearly discouraged by its boldness, strength, and prevalence. {AH 328.1}

Satan tricks the relatively innocent to comply with his agenda. The immodestly dressed ladies among us may not be intentionally trying to seduce the young men. They may be just trying to fit in with the crowd. These sexy girls don't even know that they are Satan's pawns, sent to invade the camp and conquer God's people. That does not lessen the effect of their sensual attire.

And now as we near the close of time, Satan will work with masterly activity to undermine principle, and corrupt moral character. {RH, May 24, 1887 par. 4}

It is the special work of Satan in these last days to take possession of the minds of youth, to corrupt the thoughts and inflame the passions; for he knows that by so doing he can lead to impure actions, and thus all the noble faculties of the mind will become debased, and he can control them to suit his own purposes. 160 {CCh 108.1}

The young men who hang around these immodest young ladies have become accustomed to lustful thoughts. The prevalent low level of morality is so common, so acceptable that it is not recognized as sin. We have become conditioned by Satan's successful ploy.

By the indulgence of impure thoughts man can so educate his mind that sin which he once loathed will become pleasant to him. {PP 459.1}

The mind is educated to familiarity with sin. {PP 459.2}

Meanwhile, the Holy Spirit is being grieved away as the demoralizing atmosphere thickens. Satan has set us up to participate in the idolatrous feast, and the invitations are being prepared. He wants us to worship Babylon, that despicable whore, so that we will receive the permanent mark that seals our doom.

The very same Satan is now working to the very same end, to weaken and destroy the people who claim to be keeping the commandments of God, as they are just on the borders of the heavenly Canaan. Satan knows it is his time. He has but little time left now in which to work, and he will work with tremendous power to ensnare the people of God upon their weak points of character. There will be women who will become tempters, and who will do their best to attract and win the attention of men to themselves. {RH, May 17, 1887 par. 9}

As we are now standing at the very borders of the Heavenly Canaan, are we falling into the same trap that ancient Israel did?

Satan's snares are laid for us as verily as they were laid for the children of Israel just prior to their entrance into the land of Canaan. We are repeating the history of that people. {5T, 160}

We are now amid the perils of the last days. Satan has come down with great power to work his deceptions. He fastens the mind or imaginations upon impure, unlawful things. {RH, May 24, 1887 par. 3}

By now, the modern camp of Israel has become fully infiltrated with “Midianitish” women, agents whom Satan is using to allure men. They are our sisters, and our daughters, and our best friends. They are the wives of our leaders; they are professors in our colleges. They kneel on our platforms, offering prayers. They perform special music in their revealing attire. They even preach sermons in their worldly fashions. They are sitting next to us with their short skirts, bending over in front of us, showing cleavage, and flashing their bare thighs, wearing heels to accentuate their seductive strut. Their mascared lashes and polished nails enhance the glamorous look. Their skintight clothes reveal every crease, and their appearance is intoxicating.

Our only safety is to stand as God's peculiar people. We must not yield one inch to the customs and fashions of this degenerate age ; but stand in moral independence, making no compromise with its corrupt and idolatrous practices. {PH117 60.3}

It is the inventions and fashions of the world that have led God's people, and they are unwilling to move out independent of the fashions and customs of the world. While I study God's word, I am alarmed for the Israel of God in these last days. They are exhorted to flee from idolatry. I fear that God's people are asleep, and so conformed to the world that we can hardly know them, or discern between him that serveth God and him that serveth him not. The distance is widening between Christ and his people, and lessening between them and the world. The marks of distinction between Christ's professed people and the world, have almost disappeared. They follow after the abominations of the nations around them, as did ancient Israel. {4bSG 66.1}

God tells us clearly that we are following in the steps of ancient Israel, as we follow the abominations of the world. Are we alarmed at what is taking place? Do we understand what is happening to us as a people?

When once the barriers of female modesty are removed , the basest licentiousness does not appear exceeding sinful. Alas, what terrible results of woman's influence for evil may be witnessed in the world today! {ST, December 30, 1880 par. 20}

Have the barriers of female modesty been removed, even in our churches? Who could deny that this is indeed so? Satan's plan is working. Our problem is, we have become so numbed by the continual display of immodesty, that licentiousness no longer appears exceedingly sinful. We can hardly see that there is anything wrong with it!

On account of the standard of piety being so low among professed Christians generally, it is much more laborious and trying for those who wish to follow Christ in sincerity. The influence of worldly professors is injurious to the young. The mass of professed Christians have removed the line of distinction between Christians and the world. And while they profess to be living for Christ, they are living for the world. {4bSG 146.1}

As the seductive, skimpily dressed women parade among us, what happens to the general moral tone of the congregation?

If the moral atmosphere surrounding persons is not pure and sanctified, but is tainted with corruption , those who breathe this atmosphere will find that it operates almost insensibly upon the intellect and heart to poison and to ruin. {AH 462.2}

The purity and soundness of our religious life is dependent not only on the truth we accept, but on the company we keep, and the moral atmosphere we breathe. {OHC 255.3}

Remember how the poison, which was brought in by the seductive ladies, spread through ancient Israel until the whole congregation was tainted? This is happening to us today. Our churches are becoming demoralized and we don't even know it!

There is a terrible sin upon us as a people, that we have permitted our church members to dress in a manner inconsistent with their faith . We must arise at once and close the door against the allurements of fashion. Unless we do this, our churches will become demoralized. {4T 648.1}

Do we permit immodest attire on our female church members? What is the effect? The young men look, and are enamored. They want to date them, kiss them, sleep with them. Many older men struggle with impure thoughts, while some willingly indulge in lustful desires.

Even some who profess to be looking for His appearing are no more prepared for that event than Satan himself. They are not cleansing themselves from all pollution. They have so long served their lust that it is natural for their thoughts to be impure and their imaginations corrupt. It is as impossible to cause their minds to dwell upon pure and holy things as it would be to turn the course of Niagara and send its waters pouring up the falls. {AH 328.1}

And what about the influence of these daring, immodest women on other women? They are complimented and admired. And the young ladies copy them.

My soul mourns for the youth who are forming characters in this degenerate age…. Custom and fashion are consulted, and the children soon learn to be swayed by these and are corrupted; while their indulgent parents are themselves benumbed and asleep to their danger. {CCh 108.2}

Children should be kept free as possible from the demoralizing influences of the fashions of this age. {PH096 15.1}

The sad part is, NO ONE says a word! At least not in any setting where the majority can hear it. If they dared to speak up, they would be quickly scolded and labeled as unloving. Or even worse, they are accused of being dirty-minded!

Those who have been self-indulgent and ready to yield to pride and fashion and display, will sneer at the conscientious, truth-loving, God-fearing people, and will, in this work sneer at the God of heaven Himself. {1888 485.1}

The blindness that has fallen upon us is beyond astounding. The idolatry of fashion is rampant and we sleep on. No one notices. No one speaks. It's taboo to speak about these things. “Love and acceptance” is the cry. Don't judge; don't pick on the poor beautiful ladies!

As we bear testimony against pride and following the fashions of the world, we are met with excuses and self-justification. {1T 276.2}

We must love and embrace all, most certainly. But love has been hijacked by the enemy. Now we think that love is just the opposite of what God's says it is. We are willing to ignore sin, or worse yet, encourage sin, and we think that's love! We actually think that tolerating this worldly, lustful, demoralizing behavior is loving.

There is a sympathy for sin and sinners that is dangerous to the prosperity of the church at the present day. You must have charity is the cry . But that sentiment that would excuse wrong and shield the guilty, is not the charity of the Bible. The friendship of the wicked is more dangerous than their enmity; for none can prevail against the servants of the living God, except by tempting them to disobedience. {ST, January 6, 1881 par. 13}

Don't we care about God's definition of love anymore? God's love will lead us to lay down our lives for others, attempting to pull those spotted with the world out of the fire. Don't we care that they will be eternally destroyed if we continue to allow the standard to trail in the dust?

The divine rebuke is upon that false sympathy for the sinner which endeavors to excuse his sin. It is the effect of sin to deaden the moral perceptions, so that the wrongdoer does not realize the enormity of transgression, and without the convicting power of the Holy Spirit he remains in partial blindness to his sin. It is the duty of Christ's servants to show these erring ones their peril. Those who destroy the effect of the warning by blinding the eyes of sinners to the real character and results of sin often flatter themselves that they thus give evidence of their charity; but they are working directly to oppose and hinder the work of God's Holy Spirit; they are lulling the sinner to rest on the brink of destruction; they are making themselves partakers in his guilt and incurring a fearful responsibility for his impenitence. Many, many, have gone down to ruin as the result of this false and deceptive sympathy. {PP 361.2}

It is not our work to rudely attack the unconverted regarding their sensual, immodest dress, but it is our duty to pray for them, and to appeal to them with deep concern for their lost condition.

The Heart-searcher knows that many whose names are on the church books are cherishing sins resembling in vileness the sins of Sodom. {20MR 125.1}

With loving compassion, we must earnestly plead with them to surrender their hearts to Jesus. It is our duty to labor with them with fervent love, because we sense the grave danger of ignoring this worldly infiltration. If we fail to lift up the standard, and let these proud, daring immodest women remain unchallenged, unrebuked, so then can continue to seduce our sons, and influence our daughters, it shows we don't love them, or truly care about God's church.

"Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-suffering and doctrine." This work is just as essential to the prosperity of the church as is the exercise of gentleness, forbearance and love. Those who are consecrated to God will be as faithful to reprove and rebuke sin with all long-suffering and doctrine, as to comfort and encourage the desponding, and strengthen the weak. All who love God will show their abhorrence of sin. {ST, May 5, 1881 par. 16}

An abhorrence of sin is what we desperately need. We need to have the fog removed from our eyes about our true condition as a church.

Could the curtain be rolled back, could you discern the purposes of God and the judgments that are about to fall upon a doomed world, could you see your own attitude, you would fear and tremble for your own souls and for the souls of your fellow men. Earnest prayers of heart-rending anguish would go up to heaven. You would weep between the porch and the altar, confessing your spiritual blindness and backsliding. 611 {CCh 343.6}

God has warned us over and over regarding this special attack of the devil on God's church right on the borders of Canaan regarding the seductive women in our midst. We have no excuse. We need to be deeply concerned. We need to pray earnestly for our church.

The message I have to bear is that a much higher standard must be reached by God's people. I entreat all to heed this warning. I dare not cease to "cry aloud," and "spare not," and show God's people "their transgression, and the house of Jacob their sins." It is time that we all understood our true position, and that we give, in righteous characters, the evidence that we possess the truth. {RH, September 24, 1908 par. 24}

Is it not time for us to arise, and weep between the porch and the alter? To cry out in anguish, Spare thy people, O God! Do we not know—The plague is coming! God raised up Phinehas at Baal-Peor. But where are the Phinehases of today? Where are those who are willing to stand up and call sin by its right name?

With this history before the peculiar people of God in these last days, there is no excuse for any one who will follow the example of ancient Israel in sin. But Satan will work in this special temptation to make void the law of God, and make light of God's special injunctions and warnings . The point to be marked is , that Moses' prayers were not heard, neither his weeping nor the sorrow and prayers of those who had maintained their integrity, until justice was executed upon that demoralized God-defying prince. God says of Phinehas, He "hath turned away my wrath from the children of Israel." It was the greatest mercy that Phinehas could do to Israel, to deal promptly and decidedly with the guilty, and thus be instrumental in turning the wrath of God from the congregation of Israel. Something besides prayers and tears are needed in a time when reproach and peril are hanging over God's people. The wicked works must be brought to an end. The very work of justice done by Phinehas was an atonement for Israel. {RH, May 17, 1887}

Perhaps we need to do more than just pray. Our leaders need to do what they can to expose the works of darkness by speaking plainly to our people, giving the straight testimony. This is serious, as we would do well to take heed.

Boldness and immodesty must be met with a decided rebuke. {ST, December 30, 1880 par. 14}

The True Witness tells us that Laodicea is wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked. It is only as we recognize this fact, and accept the divine rebuke that we can zealously repent. In our brokenness and contrition, Christ will eagerly cover us with His robe of righteousness. We will come to abhor sin, instead of tolerating and encouraging it. We will no longer enjoy the seduction of the “Midianitish” women. Our zeal for purity and holiness will make them uncomfortable in our presence. Then, perhaps, God will touch their hearts in repentance for their sin in allowing the devil to use them as agents to destroy God's church.

In our fervent prayers, we need to specifically plead for purity of soul. If the saints were earnestly pleading in unity together for God to purify the church from all moral pollution, God would move in a powerful way to cleanse His church. Perhaps we haven't desired purity nearly enough.

With earnest, fervent prayer, plead for purity of soul . Plead as earnestly, as eagerly, as you would for your mortal life, were it at stake. Remain before God until unutterable longings are begotten within you for salvation, and the sweet evidence is obtained of pardoned sin. 25 {CCh 55.3}

Individually and corporately we need to entreat God to purge us of all worldly fashions and lustful thoughts.

At Baalpeor, on the very borders of the Promised Land, where many fell a prey to subtle temptation, those who remained faithful renewed their vows of allegiance . Through Moses they were warned against the temptations that would assail them in the future; and they were earnestly exhorted to remain separate from the surrounding nations and to worship God alone. {PK 293.2}

We are on the very borders of the heavenly Promised Land! Let us renew our vows of allegiance to God, and separate our selves from all the degrading fashions of the world. May God help us to wake up! Thank God for His warning. Let us take heed.